Campaign for Sustainable Eco Tourism in Ladakh

Campaign for Sustainable Eco Tourism in Ladakh

IISD Ladakh Sustainable Development Knowledge Centre, conducts research on domestic and regional tourism in the Hindukush Himalayas. Our work entails identifying and harnessing opportunities in close collaboration with multiple stakeholders for developing and promoting Nature Tourism, while ensuring that local people and communities must benefit from the tourism-related activities, which enhance their livelihood opportunities, pushing ecotourism, in favour of environmental sustainability and Natural and Cultural Heritage Conservation.

It is a Campaign planned and designed by the IISD Research and Knowledge Support Centre for Sustainable Development in Ladakh to take initiatives to ensure that all the tourists and the stakeholders related to tourism, like Taxi Drivers, Tour Operators, Hoteliers, Small and Medium Business Entities etc - would commit to ensure to follow the strict guidelines and behavioral practices by pledging to be a friend of Ladakh. A real friend does not cause any harm to a close friend, whom he or she loves and feels proud of their friendship.

For Example: after a tourist arrives at Leh Airport, he/she can register as a Friend of Ladakh / Eco-tourist, where he/she would be explained which guideline, behavioral aspects, they need to adopt, during their travel and stay at Ladakh and he/she would pledge few committments, Again while returning, they have to submit a declaration, to which extent, they could keep their pledge in percentage.

This Campaign is waiting for the endrosement of Department of Tourism, UT-Ladakh Administration, UNESCO and UN World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), Madrid Spain.

This Campaign is driven by Youths of Ladakh. Be a proud Volunteer,
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Diskit Monastery : The oldest and largest monastery in Nubra Valley Region, Diskit Monastery belongs to the Gelugpa (Yellow Hat) sect of Tibetan Buddhism. Opposite the monastery sits a 32-meter tall statue of Maitreya Buddha.

Walking across a frozen river at Chadar trek in Winter, when the Zanskar River freezes, Kargil district of Ladakh

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